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How Chiropractic Helps Sciatica

As a chiropractor providing sciatica treatment Kitchener Waterloo, I get asked a lot how chiropractic helps sciatica? For the majority of individuals, any pain going down the leg is sciatic nerve irritation. However, true sciatic nerve pain is not as common as most people believe. The chance that an individual will experience irritation of the sciatic nerve … Continue reading How Chiropractic Helps Sciatica


The Top 4 Treatments for Acute Neck Pain

Fifty percent of the adult population experiences neck pain each year. With such a high prevalence it is important for patients to know what treatments work best for neck pain. This article is going to discuss the top 4 treatments for acute neck pain (less than 3 months). These recommendations were made by the Ontario … Continue reading The Top 4 Treatments for Acute Neck Pain

Acute Neck Pain Treatments

Evidenced Based Acute Neck Pain Treatments

The purpose of this review is to examine the evidence-based literature for effective, non-invasive (non-surgical) acute neck pain treatments. Neck pain accounts for 10.2 million (U.S stats) doctor and hospital visits annually. 30-50% of adults’ experience neck each year with more than 80% of individuals’ experiencing neck pain during their lifetime. This paper is going … Continue reading Evidenced Based Acute Neck Pain Treatments