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Foam Rolling and Athletic Performance

Foam Rolling and Athletic Performance

Foam rolling and athletic performance PPT. This presentation covers pre and post exercise recovery, range of motion and athletic performance effects of self myofascial release (SMR). Click here to view presentation


What are Sciatica Symptoms?

What is Sciatica? Are you seeking Sciatica Treatment in Kitchener? This is possible with Chiropractic Care. Let me help you understand what Sciatica really is. Sciatica is defined as irritation to the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in the body and runs down the back of the thigh to the knee. At … Continue reading What are Sciatica Symptoms?


How Chiropractic Helps Sciatica

As a chiropractor providing sciatica treatment Kitchener Waterloo, I get asked a lot how chiropractic helps sciatica? For the majority of individuals, any pain going down the leg is sciatic nerve irritation. However, true sciatic nerve pain is not as common as most people believe. The chance that an individual will experience irritation of the sciatic nerve … Continue reading How Chiropractic Helps Sciatica

Hamstring Strains

Hamstring Strains: Everything You Need to Know

Hamstring Strains Hamstring strains can be one of the most frustrating athletic injuries to deal with. Recovery time of hamstring strains ranges from 8 to 25 days . Once a hamstring is injured, there is a 33.33% risk of re-injury. The greatest risk of re-injury occurs during the first two weeks after returning to sport … Continue reading Hamstring Strains: Everything You Need to Know

Treatments for Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain Treatments

The purpose of this review is to examine 3 clinical practise guidelines (CPG’s) and their recommendations for non-invasive (non-surgical) low back pain treatments. The 3 CPG’s are the 2012 American Physical Therapy Association (APTA 12) clinical low back practise guidelines. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE 16) [part of the U.K Department … Continue reading Low Back Pain Treatments

Stability ball and low back pain in office workers

Does Sitting on a Stability Ball Decrease Low Back Pain and Improve Core Stability?

Low Back Pain in Office Workers Research has shown that low back pain (LBP) is more prevalent in individuals who sit for prolonged periods (3). This is significant for professionals, as approximately 75% of workers in industrialized nations are required to sit for prolonged periods at work. This rate continues to increase worldwide (1). Chiodo, … Continue reading Does Sitting on a Stability Ball Decrease Low Back Pain and Improve Core Stability?