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NFL sideline concussion management

NFL’s Sideline Concussion Management

Sunday night during Super Bowl 50, Carolina Panther’s wide receiver Corey “Philly” Brown left the biggest game of his career in the third quarter with concussive like symptoms after he went for a pass from Cam Newton. Before I try to shine some light on the NFL’s sideline concussion management I just wanted to comment on how … Continue reading NFL’s Sideline Concussion Management

Concussion Movie Review

Concussion Movie Review

The Concussion movie follows the tragic story of a forensic neuropathologist from Nigeria (played by Will Smith) who discovers brain damage in deceased NFL legend, Mike Webster. When Dr. Omalu publishes his findings he receives personal and professional condemnation from colleagues and the NFL. It is not until Dr. Omalu enlists the help of Dr. Julian Bailes … Continue reading Concussion Movie Review